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About Us

The Company’s Vision

To lead the field of infrastructures and construction in Israel while maintaining uncompromising standards of excellence, professionalism, reliability and safety.


About Rolider

Rolider is one of Israel’s established, leading and prominent civil engineering companies and is a major partner in some of the largest and leading infrastructure projects executed in Israel. Dan Rolider was formed in 1966 and purchased in 2002 by its new owners Uzi Rosenberg and Amiram Sivan who changed its name to Rolider Ltd. The company has, and continues to execute, all types of engineering works, including the most complex projects. Rolider is characterized by its high standards of work and the total satisfaction of its clients and promoters. The company enjoys the high rating for all areas of civil engineering and infrastructures including the “STAR” rating that allows the company to execute government-funded projects.


Multi-disciplinary Excellence and Experience

Rolider specializes in the execution of complex projects that run the gamut of engineering fields. The company is committed to safety in the work environment whilst keeping to schedules and with an uncompromising commitment to quality. The company constantly monitors every relevant operation including quality assurance and risk management procedures and meets international ISO standards. The company is committed to safety and provides safety instruction and also implements preventative measures and investigates all events in order to draw, and implement, conclusions.


Rolider has carried out a number of national projects that constitute milestones in the development and establishment of infrastructures in Israel. These include: Highway 6, Ben Gurion 2000, The National Water Carrier, Israel Rail, The Dan region Metropoline light rail system - under construction, The Dead Sea Works, Infrastructure works for residential and industrial areas, Steel and concrete bridges


Human Resources

With the move from the established Dan Rolider Company to Rolider Ltd. all engineering knowledge was preserved as was the company’s determination to preserve its positive and excelling human resources. The company believes in selecting and employing the very best engineers and project managers, those that lead the fields of civil engineering in Israel. This decision is based on a deep understanding of the fact that human resources are the company’s managerial backbone and its foundation for excellence. It is this “added value” that that makes us successful in the projects we carry out.


The company is meticulous in holding yearly improvement gatherings in which the operating team is instructed and informed about safety and engineering related issues. This makes a direct contribution to our clients in the form of the high quality of work and configuration of the projects we execute. The professional experience of the company’s employees is at the disposal of our clients in our quest for engineering solutions to complex problems. Often, clients and project planners use this professional knowledge in order to promote the project’s execution.


Rolider Ltd.’s professional team is carefully chosen with great emphasis not only on team members professionalism but also the selection of people who bring added value to the company and our clients, people who are reliable and committed - in short, “soul mates”.


We believe that human resources, along with financial stability and strength, are what gives Rolider Ltd. its comparative advantage.


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